Wind like your hair

The wind is like your hair,Flowing when you pose like a statue,Standing still when you are running across the horizon,Titillating when you take a turn to the other side of the bed,Shimmering like a meteor shower when you flip them after a bath,Dancing with you in your joys,Curling up in a bun in your sorrows,Covering... Continue Reading →

A noodle in an inverted bowl of soup

This one day when the one place I could go outside our home was our terrace. I looked up and saw those same boring clouds which are pretty trending these days. But, today was one of those days when I felt like a noodle in my bowl of soup when inverted down. The sky seemed... Continue Reading →

Old School Romance

There was something special and fascinating about love in 60-70s or even till 80s, before the modernized version of the once a upon a time "rare" and pristine emotion. When it was all about that one look, one letter, one smile and one person in your life which somehow connected all your dots into outlines... Continue Reading →

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

The blanket of stars covered with clouds above and dryness in the grass beneath, I somehow felt warm in the cold mess under the blink of the spotlight. Resting my head on your left arm and holding your right hand with my right, we were reading the lyrics of a song someone suggested on the... Continue Reading →


He kissed me with the passion that I couldn’t resist. He held me with the warmth that I miss. He made me realise my worth and even after knowing every bit about me, he said that he will make everything alright. We made love with all my heart and body. He promised me with a... Continue Reading →

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