I am alone but, not lonely.

I wonder. Do you feel empty at times? There may be instances when you can’t even feel your skin and doubt your existence. You tend to feel all the ways and paths your breath takes. You feel wind flowing in your body, from head to toe. You feel like dissolving your body in that air. You try touching your soul, pulling out that pin which made you stick to it.

Try breaking all the bonds.
Leave all emotions.
Leave those covers.
Those eyes, lips, ears, limbs are not yours.
That nose, that chest or those breasts, nothing belongs to you.
Just shut your eyes.
Feel those chills.
Feel that air.
Start feeling your body.
Maybe you could feel a boner.
Maybe your vagina squeezed a little.
Your legs pulled themselves towards you.
Your shoulders got closer.
Everything seems rushing towards your heart.
Maybe it is blood that you are feeling, or maybe it is air.
Maybe I am too high to judge.
Maybe I can your third eye.
Maybe I missed ‘see’ in the above sentence.
Maybe I can see more than five fingers attached to your palm.
Maybe there are only four fingers.
Maybe the fifth is an isolated thumb.
Maybe I am that thumb.
Fucking isolated. Loner.
Sitting at the edge of your table.
I wonder.

Hopefully it is not a fiction. No happy ending but something that will make you think.
I like being alone but I don’t like being lonely.


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