One String Attached

Imagine sitting next to a friend and discussing lives. Everything is so peaceful and relaxing. But, suddenly the situation turns out to be arousing and you end up locking lips. That small make out in a corner of a room, gets you in your thinking boots, finding every possible solution to stay in touch ahead. What would be running in his mind? What sort of connection he expects? And it is followed by a sleepless night spent wondering the same thing. The very next day, the best part would be when he terms it as Friends with benefits or ‘sex’ buddies. You can’t imagine that glow in my eyes. I am not good with relationship and stuff. If I am ever linked with emotions, I’ll be weird, scary version of myself and it will start choking me. I will need him whenever I’ll be having a single second free from my entire routine which is irritating and I don’t like me being irritated.

yo.jpgOh so Emma! Emma from the film ‘No strings attached’.

When it comes to my perspective regarding love stories and fiction, I can relate myself to her. She is exactly how I want my life to go, independent, blunt and professional except the ending, where everything turns into a ‘lovey dovey’ situation.

I liked the way she never compromised with her profession, her passion and somewhat I feel I do the same. There had been times when dedication and focus made me forget my meals, friends, family and even bathing. No matter how distracting lust is, my work rules the top of my priority list.

I am a fan of candour and trust me it is a small fan-club. Only one in a group of twenty or thirty people calls himself/herself a follower but, the same fellow need to think twice before praising his/her lover or even talking about dildos or boobs in public. That does not come under appropriate fan-following. Worshiping candidness could be awkward for major set of audience, but that is exactly what Emma and I do. I am in love with her, now.

How often do you find people who hate a particular word, which is liked and praised by the majority? Yes, exactly. I would be that one person in my tiny universe who hates the word ‘Babe’. People use the exact same word to refer their beloved ones but I “Oh no no no! If you want to maintain peace here, kindly avoid it”. But Emma be like me. Ahha! Similar dislikes.

I will always be pointing our flaws in people because I don’t want attachment and cheesy romance. I can manage myself alone financially, emotionally and mentally. I prefer being independent than being dependent on those perfect guys who make things perfect which is so fictional and fiction sucks.

There could be million more points of similarity and it would take years to explain, so let’s just avoid this for now. You should just see the film if you ever start wondering about me.

The only string I attached with the film is the string of relevance. I loved the character played by Natalie Portman because maybe it relates to me some or every point of time. It happens very rarely when you find a character or a person so similar to you. I found mine, I guess.


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