Why do we numb everything?

With the increase in inventions and discoveries for simplifying human life physically, things are getting complicated for people mentally. We now have internet in our extraordinary ‘smart phones’ and many more beautiful terrace cafés having menus with flowery yet hard to pronounce names, which are providing us with space or platform to connect everyone in a better and sham way. Instead the amount of people committing suicides and fighting depression is increasing exponentially. We are afraid to upload our pictures on Instagram or Snapchat without any filter. We feel nervous ordering ‘Desi Paneer Tikka’, when the person sitting with you orders ‘Crostini Bruschetta with Tzatziki Sauce’. What is the use of communicating by any means if it has to be a hoax?

Connections between same species are nowadays not deep enough to actually communicate feelings and exchange real thoughts. You ask people about anything, you will get a contrasting reply. We don’t show ourselves. Maybe because we are ashamed of ourselves or maybe we’ve been burnt. There is a sense of fear which pulls our original picture behind the curtains of reality.

I am not good enough.
I am not pretty enough.
I am not slim enough.
I am not tall enough.

We have had enough of this comparison unit ‘enough’.

Why are we so scared to get hurt? Why are we afraid to show our own emotions and thoughts?

We need to face excruciating vulnerability. Scrap the sense of fear and shame. Instead bring the sense of worthiness to limelight.

We, humans now carry a million frames which are a function of place, time and person. We tend to shape according to people more than according to what our goals demanded from us. We do this. We work on changing ourselves for people, for jobs, for love. What we really need to do is to show our real picture and people who want to, will stick along. In order to fulfill the need of the situation, the real part of us gets faded in the entire process.

Change is necessary but, when the real essence of life that is individuality changes, things go haphazard. Can’t one be oneself and manage to keep that piece of authenticity secure? I think we can but I don’t think anyone is even ready to do it.

What is the necessity to build a barrier between the real you and the one you show to people? Not even a barrier; I would rather call it a mask. But mask is again deception, isn’t it? Those masks or barriers are the reason behind regrets, when we missed the opportunity to show ourselves light of experience.

At times maybe you will justify being someone else because the scratches on the fake filters can be recovered by changing the harmed filters. You can’t expect the scars on your soul; your real identity to remove that easily. At the end those scratches or scars will help you be bolder and make you realise that you are imperfect. Being imperfect may sound vulnerable but, it is not a virtual world. Imperfection holds its own beauty.

And then the question arises that why there is a need to hand a person around you the ability to create those scars? That ability is given by attachments and we all tend to attach. You might argue against this but deep down, you know the actual side you stand on.

I might be able to talk about how not to hand people the ability to affect your behavior, but I now see that I too have, subconsciously. No matter how much I oppose attachments, I end up sticking to it. Though that happens very rarely, but it does happen.hdvg.jpg

We make the uncertain certain. We numb everything. We get so busy in perfecting our lives, careers, routines that we keep on wearing costumes. We want to perfect our children and for that, we teach them how to create an unreal image of themselves.
Let ourselves be seen. It is important to have courage to be imperfect, to stand on our thoughts even though they might be wrong for the world. Understand that ‘We are enough’ and we can’t be more than what we are.


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