In a quiet room full of people I think I know,

Holding my breath I stepped in avoiding any fray.

There is a loudness in the whispers I hear;

Whispers shouldn’t be that loud, should they?

Every syllable hits my eardrum with multiplied intensity;

Enclosing my confidence in a box of a square feet.

Feet to centimetres, centimetres to milli;

Strangled me as my strength deplete.

Boundaries are rising with a velocity inversely related to my circle;

Circle of friends who haven’t disjoint.

The radius decreases with every vacant chair;

Ends with a pin point to balance my pointe.

It is getting difficult to balance my centre of mettle;

A slight change and it will pierce my esteem.

Going on my knees seems futile;

The fact it is a Kobayashi Maru makes my heart scream.

This empty hall is playing a pedal steel guitar in a monotone;

Made me stuck my head in the eye of a cyclone.

They thought it was mutual;

But only I was in a stranger-zone.


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