Letter #4

Dear Bru-ther,

Guess what! I took a huge step towards my adult life. I know I am not eighteen yet. Actually I’ll be seventeen next month. But it would take more than a year to perfect myself. Guess what I did. Guess it na. Okay let me give you some hints. Umm…It is something that is done to make me calm and makes me forget my worries. Got it? Not yet? Okay, you quit right? I started smoking. How cool is that?

Nothing could be more relaxing than sitting on a cliff with a cigarette in a hand and good friends next to me. Remember I told you about new guy-friends I met? They are the ones who offered it to me for the first time. You must have offered it to at least one of your friends (especially girlfriends) who are of the same age as I am. Isn’t it? The best thing is the time that my every cigarette takes to turn into ash, makes me realise he was that bad dress hanging in my closet. With time, that bad thing is disappearing from my mind, my heart and my closet. Just because with every puff, I burn a part of me which calls him back to my heart. Yes, I am not able to forget him. Trust me; I was the sand he was leaving his footprints on. I am now waiting for the wave to come. Hopefully the taste of Marlboros overwrites the taste of his lips. I think I need to double the number because nothing is actually helping right now. The warning on the pack doesn’t harm me anymore. His absence does. Your absence is doing it. You know it is bad for my health. Why don’t you come and stop me then? Why don’t you? Why?

Why aren’t you here? I hope you are no more a fictional character and come into life someday. I hope I hug you and cry on your shoulders. I wish you are here. I wish you existed.

Miss you.

With love,

Letter #3                                                                                                   Letter #5


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