The Rulebook

I may be a  part of sorority inevitably, just because of the “F” I have to write in the blank space preceded by the label “Gender”, but to be honest I detest being among those exasperating bodies who crib and cry for perfection. Still not only the beau monde but the castles of faux roots I live in, expects me to dress in a saree or an evening gown paired up with makeup and tedious heels. Perfect is an abstract painting with varied definitions, but it is the unquestionable perspective of the artist which lead him to build the marvel. The descriptions of the viewers stand vacuous in his sphere.

fIf Victoria Secret expects 36-24-36, you can’t fulfill its demand by providing your vaguely framed body. That doesn’t mean you’ll start working day and night to convert your fluffy self into a skeleton. The rule-book might expect you to change, but the final call will always be yours. It isn’t just with girls. The guy bullied the most is either the most quite person or the fattest one. The society will keep on doubting your ways and might get successful in changing your outline. Even the Moon became the victim of body shamming, turned into crescent from being full and even disappeared at times under expectations.

wp-1485279340154.jpeg“Why did you join boxing classes? You’ll hurt yourself.” a typical Indian parent’s advice to their fifteen year old daughter. Let me just re-frame the “so called” advice into a warning. “Your face might get deformed. You won’t get a perfect groom for yourself. No one will marry you ever. You’ll not be more than an unwanted burden on our shoulders.” Rude and harsh but it is the truth. Don’t worry it isn’t their problem. They were also brought up the same way.

wp-1485279228622.jpegStay a month or two away from your mother. First thing she’ll wonder the most will be “Oh God! Look at you. How dark you’ve become? Definitely you were not taking care of yourself in a proper manner. You must have missed a million baths. Stay with me just for a weekend and I’ll make you fairer again.” If moms had magic, the first thing she’ll do will be painting her kids face white. Maybe that’ll make you look like Robert Pattinson from Twilight or Snow White as imagined by Brothers Grimm, but most importantly flawless. Why is no one ready to accept flaws? Why it is hard to get that a glitch is what makes you different? Because it’s a part of the chorus our society sings.

baf5b634fd495efdf4844597babec64eThere is no perfect logic to explain why looks are important and not the heart. Everything is carried forward blindly. People believe in love now. They have started doing so, at least. But after centuries, the only love they know and trust is not what it actually is. It is a feeling which connects any two people. There is no shame is accepting the fact that you are attracted towards someone from the same gender. Love is not harmful in the pure form, but this society will strangle you with the rainbow itself.

The rulebook was made way back in time. It is God; belief for them. It is the map to all the ways which will make you fit your head in a hanging noose. Stop smacking your head on the cabinet of curiosities. Stop searching answers to your questions. No one has them.



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