What is heaven to me?

 At 0

Heaven, not the cries I cry while coming to the world;

But the realization of the fact that I took birth.

At 3

Heaven, not the forceful push towards school;

But the group of lads I meet and call my friends.

At 7

Heaven, not the unfortunate window in my mouth;

But the growth of the little white ones I’ll have all my life.

At 13

Heaven, not the first rejection I get from a guy;

But the love my heart could feel in his presence.

At 18

Heaven, not being an adult and getting voting rights;

But about the trust society confides in me.

At 21

Heaven, not about staying away and enjoying freedom;

But when I handle myself every day and night.

At 25

Heaven, not when I walk down the aisle to take my vows;

But the better half I’ll always have by my side.

At 30

Heaven, not getting a promotion and further praises;

But the time when I realize that my hard work paid off.

At 33

Heaven, not the pain I am going through;

But holding a life having tiny fingers in my hands.

At 40

Heaven, not scolding my child for mistakes he makes;

But seeing the guilt and repentance in his eyes.

At 50

Heaven, not when he seeks privacy from me;

But it is the love I see while he is saving money secretly for the February week.

At 55

Heaven, not bidding goodbye to my child;

But the feeling of being proud that he is able to stand on his feet.

At 60

Heaven, not leaving that cabin where I’ve been spending great years;

But those cards everyone are giving me with tears.

At 65

Heaven, not believing that I am getting old;

But teaching my grand-daughter how to walk.

At 72

Heaven, not reciting her rhymes from my old book;

But re-living my childhood all over again.

At 80

Heaven, not where my darling has gone to contrite and bitterly regret his actions;

But the happiness that he’ll now find inner peace.

At 85

Heaven, what is heaven to me, may not be the heaven to you;

But it will always be better than where I am finally right now.


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