To Be Twenty Wish-list

Okay I just realized that I am left with hardly six months and four days of being a teenager. Woah! I am gonna be old now. The liabilities of being a teen are going to disappear. I am in a situation where the thought of aging is bewildering.

What is there to wonder about being TWENTY?

Wrinkles? Nah.

Marriage? Not at all.

Kids? No. No. No.

It’s about being young and feeling that.

You’re only a teenager for seven short years and there are some things that are better to do while you are young (skinny dipping for example – it’s cute when you are young, but slightly creepy when you get older.) It is a period full of awesome adventures and misadventures because You Only Live Once (#yolo).

The list is huge which needs to be checked before one hits the big 2-0. ย 

  1. Say “Yes” to Something That Scares You

    Let’s leave the worried part of you and be fearless now.

  2. Confess To Your Crush

    Even though you may be totally freaking out! Better yet? Ask him or her out.

  3. Take A Road Trip With Your Best Friend

    Divide your duration of your driving and enjoy your common playlist.

  4. Try A Food You Can’t Pronounce

    Check the scariest spelling in the menu and dare to order it.

  5. Have A Random Kiss

    Oh I like those lips! Go and taste them but beware of the aftermath.

  6. Date Someone You Grow To Hate

    Let your heart feel a break and keep a duct tape to bind it again.

  7. Go Electronics Free For 24 Hours

    Try to keep your social life on a pause and breathe in the real world.

  8. Have An Interesting Conversation With A Stranger

    “Oh Hi! Will you like to have a coffee with me?”, initiate a talk and carry it till you want.

  9. Rekindle An Old Friendship

    Get over those misunderstandings created by your adolescent mood swings and call him/her.

  10. Dye Your Hair A Crazy Color

    Blush pink, or velvet blue, or emerald green? Pick one and enjoy till it fades away.

  11. Take Yourself Out For A Movie/Dinner

    It’s good to treat and make yourself feel loved out of all the chaos in life.

  12. Get Something Pierced

    Tip of your ear, nose, belly, eyebrow or chin? Savage.

  13. Drastically Change Your Look

    Chop off those long locks or try a man bun, get off those sneakers and try stilettos or shiny black shoes? Try something different.

  14. Record A Cover Of Your Favorite Song And Upload It

    Even if you are a bathroom singer or can handle the stage with your voice, try doing this one and get all the apt reviews.

  15. Stalk Someone Badly

    Get into the boots of Mr. Holmes along with your Dr. Watson because you need to decode someone out here.

  16. Change Your Entire Closet

    Aren’t you bored wearing clothes of similar pattern since years? Bin them all and put in new random stuff.

  17. Be At Your Peak Hotness Level

    Flaunt that flat tummy in a bikini, or your pack of abs. A little cleavage with dark lipstick or trimmed beard with ferocious eyes, will bring an amazing change.

  18. Watch A Foreign Film Without Subtitles

    Try to read emotions and not what the tongue wants to guide. Break the language barrier.

  19. Write A Letter To You For Your 30th

    Keep a check on your expectations and the reality.

  20. Freak-out About Getting Old

    Growing up is a mandate process. Start filling your teenage scrapbook to carry it in your twenties.

There is so much to do in such a short period of time. I am going to do one on every fourteenth. Enjoy your teens and get ready for the TWENTY.


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