I feel confused

I feel confused.


I don’t know.

See that’s the confusion. Something is occupying mind and I don’t even know what it is.

03a49f0a620a3bca447e33a38946086eThere is some burden on my heart, heavy enough to take me deep inside this surface. I can’t pull out that burden off. It is killing me to the core, piercing my heart every time I feel it. It has never felt things complicated to such an extent that they lose their significance. Is it him? Is it her? Is it the place? Or is it the weather? I am clueless and confused, obviously.

My eardrum might just blast any moment from now. I am not able to figure out anything. I love to reply with the confused emoticon these days because that is what actually describes my emotion almost every time.


I think I keep shuffling my dimension, dimension of brain tactics. Maybe I just want to fly increasing my horizon or dive in the ocean of infinite depth. Maybe I want to scream my heart’s desires or just sleep in my blanket in a hibernation mode. Maybe I just want to paint my life with colors of love and attachment or I just want to leave it blank. Maybe I know everything or i have no idea what is going on right now.

Maybe or may not be.

I don’t know.

b4baad90c018db4de1e5c64a72a06b31There are times when I am missing the presence of someone or something and I have no idea who the person or thing is. People say that some songs or movies make you cry when you relate your life to them but why do they make me cry. I have no one to relate things with. Those random romantic posts give me Goosebumps even though I have no one to love or to miss. This annoying fact is making me more confused now.

I can feel myself changing colours, hanging between the cables of my thoughts. I am gaining support either by the hook at the end of my thumb-toe or by the tail of my ancestors. Oh! Were there any? The one who said that they were at a point of time by his theory, would be someone breathing ages ago. Did he ever saw that change to comment that? Obviously, how would I know that? I don’t owe any time-machine or aged 200+.

Confusing? Very confusing. I think I just confused you somewhere in those lines.

Wow! Now you can feel me in a better and apt way(Not the way you want to).

I feel like blabbering blah blah blah…(obviously with those three dots to continue my long-lasting blah) along with getting sick because 413b7f47e0ca653f463a0fc8fe373fa4yes you are reading my mind right now. Imagine! I am there in your mind just because you don’t exist. It is just a dream, a sweven that you are dreaming in the middle of the day or maybe not. You never took birth and I am speaking you. I am able to do that because you are a mere character in a book I burnt in my fireplace when the woods were finished. You were never there in this world where everything happy is fiction and confusing is reality.

So, if you are happy try slapping yourself because you have had an enough long nap and if not, welcome to reality.

Feel confused.


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