Incisive Chic!

β€‹β€œIf you prioritise your passions and commitments, it’s wonderful how much you can achieve.”

Shawna Pandya(A Taekwondo champion and Indian-origin astronaut)

It makes me feel proud when a woman does something extraordinary other than giving life. This gender is beautifully crafted in fire, day and night, the way glass is made out of sand. Beauty! They can’t hide their emotions and are transparent in terms of their heart. They can be broken and cracked easily by a strong touch, but are ferocious when harmed, like broken pieces. They are tigresses who rule the mankind, behind the curtains of chauvinism and take no credits. They are treated as bodily figures but are pretty Barbie dolls who need care. The beholder of two X chromosomes are the strongest species on the Earth, because they never give up and run away like a coward. Give them a platform to perform their mind and not their moves everytime. Trust me, you won’t regret.


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