​​”It is both a blessing and a curse, to feel everything so very deeply.”

~ David Jones, Love and Space Dust

How a person would feel because of a particular thing is a very subjective opinion. It may depend on how nicely the person holds knowledge about psychology. Not just by books, or a degree but, after feeling each and every word which comes from someone’s mouth. You would get to know how truthful a person is or how fake his/her expressions are. So, if someone says they love you, you won’t need any proof to ensure their confession. You know how true, pure it is. You might feel their heartbeat echoing in your presence. Similarly, if you face a lie, it will be equivalent to a knife twisting in your dark soul. It is tough to take it. But, you know you have to and there is no second option. Deep, very deep. Isn’t it?


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  1. The main problem with deep thinking is at one point or another our expectations from certain someone increases….. We always observes their every action nd many a times gets sad for something they even don’t know that they are doing it’s just ourself we love to hurt…. This hurting in a way acts as a motivation ooooo I should stop now vrna post se bdi comment ho jaayegi 😂😂 anyways neatly and simply writtened something very complicated 👍😊

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