Unsaid Love

Sometimes, two people are drawn to each other but their relationship has no name. By giving a label to a relationship, expectations to conform to the norms of that label set in.

In spiritual journeys, the word realization denotes the feeling of oneness with the Universe. A realized person is in love with everything and everybody. No label is helpful to describe that state of mind. It is an experience to be cherished. No words can capture that experience.

A song from my mother’s playlist, is one of it’s kind which explains the beauty in the sublime nature of love. The song suggests that it is best not to label a relationship. That enables love to remain pure and unstained.


I have seen the fragrance emanating from those eyes. 

Do not stain it by labeling it as a relationship. 

It is only realization; experience it with your soul. 

Let love be love, do not ascribe it a label. 


Love is not lyrics, love is not sound (or voice). 

It is a silence that listens and speaks by itself. 

It does not die, it does not stop, it does not pause. 

It is a drop of bliss that flows for eons. 


It blooms like a smile somewhere in the eyes. 

It adorns the eyelashes with a glow. 

Lips do not say much but on quivering lips, 

many silent stories remain suspended (waiting to be told).

For the original song,

Humne Dekhi Hai In Aankhon Ki Mehakti Khusboo | Lata Mangeshkar| Khamoshi 1969 Songs| Rajesh Khanna

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