The lie of love

Love is the elixir of rootless life, the heavenly drink of paradise;

As said by all the Saints, written on every grain of rice.

The creations of Shakespeare, the stories of love birds;

Is all I had in my fantasy, which cannot be put into words.

I have had the same dream, since the time I could feel my heart beat;

Skipping a pulse as it felt, about the moment when we will meet.

Waiting for the right moment, I laid my eyes on all these years;

For you, to come and make my life happy, without tears.

Days and nights, summers and winters, each and every hour;

The thought of your presence, makes me feel that you are not far.

Far only by distance, but near, near to my heart;

Come a little closer, my love story is going to start.

So comes the Saturday, the day to show my groove;

My dress my shoes my steps, are all waiting for you to approve.

As I proceed with every step, every move eagerly looking for you in the crowd;

I lost all my control, falling peacefully in your arm as you wowed.

Holding me in your arms, you brought me close;

Showing your mesmerising love, something that I missed the most.

You hypnotised my lifeless body, To match my footsteps with yours;

As the music flows by, Our chemistry wins all the wars.

The shimmer of the moonlight, sparkling the floor sheltered by Dove;

And your hand on my heart, Pulling out the best of my love.

The radiance of my glorious drape Over shone your exquisite tuxedo;

But not you and your graceful eyes, Their love is not letting me go.

The moment is flawless, Devoting rhythm to our moves;

You give me a hold on your spirit, Inciting my soul out of the coves.

No matter how hard I try, To resist the warmth of your arms;

Their temptation pulls me back As if it was engraved on our palms.

The thunder of your love hit me like a dart;

Starting from my fingertips, You reached my lonely heart.

You are the best thing I have, For this moment of infinity;

The reflection of my wannabe, Is there in your entity.

You promise a change, In my rhythm-less life;

You want to make me fearless, From chauvinism and strife.

All my life I was wondering, about you and me;

Feeling the need and importance of love, I always want to see.

The one who will feel the same, grasping me close to his soul;

Whispering the promises, you will fulfil without any foul.

Amidst the clouds of darkness, you are the light of hope;

You make me believe that it is the time for us to elope.

Time to start our lives together, under the same roof;

Our house our family our kingdom, everything in peace in an aloof.

Our naked emotions warmed each other’s, souls;

We are in love, I believed but it is not the one in my goals.

You find my love to be superfluous, like a burden on your shoulder;

Maybe it is not expressed well, but it is getting colder.

Days are hard, but nights are the hardest;

You are next to my side, Far from my heart and the stardust.

Every moment spend with you, feels like bounded in chains;

The scars that your anger left, has now filled my entire face’s domain.

The wounds, the cuts and the blood, is all that I am soaked in;

I have given you a million chances, to rule and to win.

I gave you my body with a dead soul, as a token of victory;

The victory of your pride, ego and superiority, but now my decision will be binary.

It is hard fighting with my identity, You destroyed it all;

It is tough for the heart, But I have to take a call.

After everything you did, After everything I am going through;

The colour of my blood, Is not just of love I wanted to outgrow.

It is the colour of my wings and autonomy, In my incarcerate body;

I now want freedom, I want to love just for myself and nobody.

The bond, the false bond with you, Has made me understand;

Love in a fairytale is not the one, People in reality demand.

I am a step closer to be far, Far away from you;

My hatred for you has empowered the love, I wish I could undo.

I am on my path now, The path you can’t crossover;

Since the time when you were reining, Over my kingdom is over.

No matter how much you crib, how much you miss;

It will always be in vain, everything that belongs to you is amiss.

Let me introspect myself, let me know my worth;

Let me find my source of happiness, let me realise the value of my birth.

Let me lift my spirits, and take a soothing flight;

Let me feel my body because everything is alright.

Let me feel my body because everything is alright.

I want to dance till life flourishes, till the world’s end;

I want to live without anymore failure, just want to ascend.

All my life I have realised, it is my smile that matters;

All my life I have realised, it is me who I have to love.

Life is not about finding your love, making your love story;

Because it is love that lies, the lie of love.


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