The Maleficent Mother

She held her pride over the point of the metal, high.

Pointing towards her will;

Her forehead clear and bright,

With shades of peach

Lightning towards the centre of her brows

Marked by the gracious red spot;

Idly from a velvet felt,

But, without any doubt this time,

It was the blood-red blood;

Black adrenaline flew in the veins

Of the worshipped figure,

Fairer than white;

Without any mark of stress,

Without any frown in her crown,

The queen held her pride over the point of the metal, high.

The shiny piece of carved steel

Held tightly in her right fist,

She embarks the mawkishness of her life;

Crossing out the abstract lines on their rights,

She quenched the thirst of her barrens;

Without any sign of ethics in her deeds,

Wrist for hers and apples for him,

Shortest and easy way to Goodwill;

Tip tap tip tap on the painted toe,

Black to maroon to poached flesh,

Covering her a layer of dead;

An array of minced bodies

Laid in front of her wicked skin,

The wolf held her pride over the point of the metal, high.

With a smile on her pale white face,

Every candle she burned

To give warmth to her cold heart,

Made it more shiny and transparent

Like an amorphous piece of molten sand;

From the desert of frozen lands;

The spark of her storm was enchanting,

With a poison driving her pugnacious eyelids;

One package of the tacenda kind,

Wrapping everything around;

Her inveterate spread like a forest fire,

Burning every teeny-weeny seedling;

Shadows she cast were more than one,

The maniac held her pride over the point of the metal, high.

Every sin disguised as her virtue,

Leaves a soporific effect to her erect;

Running from chagrin of being a love child,

Increased her appetence for blood;

For each and every episode of bastard

She procured one after another;

Her frenetic activities in increasing order

Was pernicious to her aura;

Without a mother or a father

To give her a name to call except one,

Her philtre changed into venom,

Enervating every cell in her arms;

Symbol of love wore colours of hatred,

The illegitimate held her pride over the point of the metal, high.

Nine months in her womb,

Clung by the umbilical,

One by one held her close to their navels,

Resolutely sucked her for their stomachs,

Held her little in absence of enraging fear;

She faded their cries,

Into distorted pins of silence;

Hushed their noises with a piece of silk,

Shimmering yet strangling them to death;

Her entity was a kerfuffle,

Between a keeper of death

And an avatar of the saviour;

A diluted outline of presumed Lord,

The mother held her pride over the point of the metal, high.

4 thoughts on “The Maleficent Mother

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  1. I loved this piece. It kinda brought me back the image of the mother in the “rapunzel” movie (I have no idea why I watched it) . Well the point goes right as why mothers are potrayed as God, the giver but not the taker. On a similar level, it goes by the phrase which questions all Feminazis : “Women shouldn’t be respected. Neither men should be. Respect those who deserve to be respected” I loved this piece. The flow of it . Was amazing. A very contradictory post among all others on the eve of Mother’s Day, just defines your creativity, keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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