Lasagna; the cheesy delight.

The secret behind my writings lies in the food I eat. I am a foodie and people wanted to see my food-hopper side. I am a milk-tarian by birth then, a vegetarian by family, an eggetarian by health issues and finally a non-vegetarian by friends. So, yeah I do compare my life cycle to a food cycle where I am the only consumer.

My mum is a brilliant chef which is definitely the answer to why I have stomach swings. The only reason why it is not yet a balloon is my great metabolism. The only thing I can bake, and better than Mumma(the reason why I like baking it) is the wonderland of holy cheese; Lasagna.

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My love for L-A-S-A-G-N-A lies in its layers of happiness. They can be compared to a slice of cheese burst pizza. When that one slice is equivalent to heaven, imagine, multiple slices melting in your mouth altogether. Yes, that is it.

Perfectly boiled noodle sheets separating each and every flavour from other is the core ingredient of the gateway to paradise. Some like red and some like white sauce but, this provides you best of both of worlds.

From boiling to mashing cherry red tomatoes to adding perfect Italian herbs; this sticky finger-licky sauce spreads like jam on bread, absorbing flavours. Red as reindeer, this definitely leaves you with Christmas vibes.

My favourite layer from the Starks family of white is prepared with melted butter and fine flour. I remember talking to my best friend for the very last time when he was dictating the recipe. He even placed a bet on my capability of leaving lumps of flour in the mixture. He won the bet that day and ended up teaching me to mix things with perfect speed and manner not just while making this sauce but, in life in general. Continuing the process my adding milk slowly with ground oregano will fill your kitchen with medicaments.

Mumma favourite layer of vegetables and beef is the most weighed one of all. Olive oil sauteed veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrots, onions, lettuce and more green stuff in the kitchen adds the dish into healthy category. Similarly is with grounded beef and chicken.image-20161108-29136-1hut6qb

The key ingredient is still left to shred; cheese. From mozzarella, camembert, parmesan to brie, cheese is the most cheesy thing you’ll ever meet. It is cool and extremely versatile when hot.

The most important and valuable part of the recipe is layering; Noodle, red, veggie, white, cheese and repeat. The best time starts now, staring at the window of the oven as it melts all over leaving my mouth filled with an awkward mixture of water. It rings and my hand covered with coloured gloves pops, little brown and way more good to fill your nose before you hunt it down with a fork. It is a fragrance I want to store in my empty perfume bottle to exist whenever I am far far away from the kitchen.

Finally taken out from the tray into pieces or slices in a deserving plate. Without any further questions, a fork and a knife are what you need to head on a roller coaster ride.

To search Best Lasagnas,

Best Lasagna recipes,

Do comment your experiences with Lasagna and if not yet, you can visit the best cafes which will serve you with delight or bake it on your own.  There are no rules in Lasagna, you can add whatever you want and how much you want. Do your experiment with it. Make it worth a try, worth the cheese.


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  1. I love lasagna too! Recently I’ve actually enjoyed the veggy version even more than meaty lasagna – but they are always yummy. You’ve made me want it now, so I might have to make some tonight.

    Do you find it tastes better the second night you eat it? I always find if I manage to eat a small portion on the first day, it’ll be sooo much yummier when the flavours have had time to deepen the next evening.

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