Will I ever get free from regrets even after a while, like a year or a life? Will I ever get to be innocent again?

Questions arising in a crumbled piece of paper hidden in my hardcore skull while I am on my bed trying to sleep around 3:42 am. A perfect time to question my survival, mistakes and flaws.

There was a time when we all were treasure boxes filled with innocence and probably slept by now. Our words had no other meaning than truth and our actions were neutral to the world. When “Healing the world” was the only role to play while having “a place in our heart called love”. I remember singing it all the time with cent percent realising and feeling every word of it.

How to get back to that very phase of life? How to be innocent again? Every little flower that blooms, every tiny hand I hold questions my credibility to be pure and safe for them.

Time machines are just a creation of fiction. Nothing black in this world can be turned back to white. Regrets stay within you all your life, making your sins heavier and elixir poisoned.


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