Ethical Closet; Dos and Don’ts

Ethical fashion in a shopaholic’s language refers to saying “No” to shopping not when she really need to shop but when her addiction overpowers her wallet size. It describes the pattern of forwarding clothes in a typical Indian family. The younger sibling has at least twenty percent of clothes from his/her elder one. This doesn’t save money but, helps the environment and ends up providing you with an ethical closet.

The idea of ethical closet comes from the famous quote “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. I don’t know who said this but, it surely will help everyone who either can’t afford ethical brands or lack space to keep piles of “I don’t know why I bought this” section of clothes.

To avoid such a situation, opt for durable, vintage, second handed clothes or simply, shop less and choose better. That is not where it all ends, you need to value and take care of the clothes you already own. Try working on your shopping habits with to-do lists and hopefully, you’ll get rid of those huge trunks to fill your extras soon.

Happy Shopping!


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