Electronics Free Day

Aren’t we all just buried under the heavy and sticky slime of microprocessors and ICs? Did you get me right?

Sorry if you didn’t because being an electronics engineer was my dream since I was I am studying electronics. It wasn’t planned like my birth. Oops! That as just an accident which happened in the life of my beloved couple.

Keeping Science and Engineering a mile away, which is actually getting us all together in a closed net of discolored strands starting from the three “W” without the caps lock like “www“. It is also stopping me from going to my running shoes to move around the city with my tiny bum.

So, I decided to do something I can’t which God knows how I completed successfully with distinction. Wohooo!

I didn’t use my cell phone nor my laptop for complete 24 hours. Seems like a dream but, it is fairly possible. Funny thing, I did this on the biggest spamming day of the year “The Valentine’s Day” aka 14th February 2017. It was on my bucket list to be completed before I turn twenty and is expected to be saner and dedicated.

To check out my bucket list:
To Be Twenty Wish-list

Trust me you should do this once in your lifetime preferably before dying and getting old. Also, try this when you are in more than two or any number of complicated relationships. Haha! It is fun.

Happy being happy!


10 thoughts on “Electronics Free Day

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  1. This was something I did during the ten days I spent in Ecuador and really was so refreshing in that I was fully experiencing the world around me. Now back in the United States I am finding it harder to put my phone down.

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