The Road Taken

I think I am old enough to take decisions and way too young to decide for myself.

I don’t know how to categorise a thing into right and left but the wrong column whenever it comes to things related to I, me and myself. So, I usually switch to random shuffling and dividing things by leaving it all to time because it is an easy way or the latest version of “The Road Not Taken”. Unfortunately, it is the most travelled and misled path.

I have been travelling on the road with a little not pink but a blue cycle with a basket filled with not flowers but, Ironman action figures, since I have been hiding broken teeth, crushes and love letters. I leave everything on the Almighty defined by the majority, being an atheist. It is not an irony but, a habit. I don’t know how it came and stuck to me but, it did.

Every one of us wants to plan things in their lives but, end up giving it up on the “tick-tock” machine. I believe that the things are always merrier on the other side, the side which is still the no man’s land.


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