You didn’t really hurt me,

When I was crying on the last seat

Of that beautiful movie hall,

You left my unnoticed voice,

Calling you in my fairytale,

Sinking my paper boat

Into the water of dystopia,

Saying it was my last chance

To get back in your house,

To save my castle with rolling stairs,

Turning my glass stilettos into wooden blocks,

Disappearing the glance of the midnight,

Into a fierce yet vitriolic afternoon,

Realising that beasts have a cold heart and mirrors do lie,

Snatching hope from the prince frog and land from Aries,

Changing that gown into a leather piece and shredded knees,

And saying true love’s kiss is always a myth,

Because I am a fragile, broken and destroying piece,

I am your defeat.

The featured image is a Sketch made by a sweet friend Abhinandan Kainth.


3 thoughts on “Defeat

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  1. Hit me. I’m defeated by your words. Very nicely written. A little footnote, about your total number of tags and categories, keep them down below 15 to prevent wordpress from flagging your post as spam. Accolades from me as I’m defeated. Thank you for sharing. 😊😊😊

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