Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

The blanket of stars covered with clouds above and dryness in the grass beneath, I somehow felt warm in the cold mess under the blink of the spotlight. Resting my head on your left arm and holding your right hand with my right, we were reading the lyrics of a song someone suggested on the tiny screen of my cell phone held in my left hand.

The word ”Maybe” appears and you smirked a little knowing that it is my favourite reply to everything you ask for. I blushed a little when it talked about ”the chances that I’ve fallen quite hard over you”. But, we realised it was for us with ”the water that made your eyes shine and I was shining too.”

Songs can be powerful. Not because of the music or the lyrics but, because they can reach parts of your heart and fetch some unknown emotions of you, for you. They give your voice a picture and feelings some words to scrib on a piece of printed paper to hide your phrases of vulnerability and a rhythm of yourself.

Don’t lose your best and settle for something which is out of tune. Find a song and keep humming it till the day you find someone singing it too.

My song: https://youtu.be/qyTwC3CbcxU

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