A noodle in an inverted bowl of soup

This one day when the one place I could go outside our home was our terrace. I looked up and saw those same boring clouds which are pretty trending these days. But, today was one of those days when I felt like a noodle in my bowl of soup when inverted down. The sky seemed to have covered me in a sphere with endless boundaries and the clouds became this huge pseudopodia, covering me from three sides and trying to gobble me. I could feel my world being not flat but a giant sphere. It was one of those moments when it seems soo unrealistic to imagine how that moon which seems to have arrived for supper at my next to next door neighbor’s terrace, is actually thousands of miles away and the reason it looks like a perfect crescent is because of our own shadow on it. We covered a part of it to make it look soo angular and picturesque. All the pictures from NASA’s Telescopes didn’t just seemed like pictures as beautiful as paintings but, different worlds where we all could exist. They looked soo perfect as if they were the place that we know as heaven and where someone special has gone for a trip. It was a moment when I realised that maybe God isn’t in those gold ridden ornamented castles over the clouds and Science isn’t just till the point light can travel, reality is all way beyond in that perfect world where the skies are always dreamy and trending in our eyes.

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