Hold a leaf

img_20161117_012439Born in ’97 and brought up in a lively environment, I have always felt the need of communication. Communicating and saying whatever comes in your mind is the need of the hour, I suppose. It is better than misunderstandings and regrets. Better an ‘oops’ than a ‘what if’.

People call me an extrovert but still lack knowledge about my interests and likes. I would refer myself as an ‘ambivert’ – someone who will go out, vibe and meet new people but will end up melting in a corner. Writing is not the only shell i am soaked in, I do paint, debate and travel the universe by reading (for now). You won’t even see me dressed up and ready with make-up any normal day, the way I am in the picture.

Saying your mind in this world is as easy as keeping a coffee hot on a freezing day because the most courageous act is still to think for yourself aloud.

Turquoise be the color of my passion, my love and my entire closet of thoughts.

So, I have here a compendium of musings, snippets, quotes, stories, opinions, descriptions, proses and poems from my experiences, day-dreams and life, obviously. I don’t know how to read minds but I may relate to your life. Find your own meanings in all my posts, without missing my view.

Breathe and embrace the beauty of courage that lies ahead.

Hope you like it.

Read. Relate. Review.

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  1. Very interesting introduction. Many bloggers these days skip writing an about page, but I feel it’s the first page anyone would like to read. Your blog seems lovely. Nice to meet you in the blogosphere. 😊

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