Letters to him

At times you need someone to guide you. A person who can understand you more than you yourself do and will never betray you. Some people tend to find that one in their spouse, their best friend or their sibling. As I am the eldest at my place and my siblings are way too young to understand my stuff, I always have this craving for an elder sibling. Best friends change with time during adolescence and no door was welcoming at 2 am(All shitty problems arise at 2 am). I know my hatred for my sister, so an elder brother would be perfect. So I used to crib and cry for one, and I still do that times even after knowing that it is almost impossible. I am not crazy but I have no one to express my feelings to. Papa is the one who has been listening to my abstract ideas since ages but I canโ€™t share everything with him nor has he time to listen to my stories.

I was fourteen when I started writing a daily dairy and this idea stuck in my mind. The idea of writing everyday story as a letter subjected to my elder brother. I wish he could read all of them one day, though in my virtual world. Since then, I live in a parallax world wherein I am not the eldest one.

This series is a collection of such letters but by a nineteen year old this time. Iโ€™ll be uploading one every Saturday.

Welcome to my virtual world.


Letter #1

Letter #2

Letter #3

Letter #4

Letter #5

Letter #6 

Letter #7

Letter #8

Letter #9

Letter #10

Letter #11

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