Letter #2

Dear Bru-ther,

Sorry for blaming you without any valid reason. Maybe it was my fault that I was never able to understand those hints that you used to give me regarding him. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I promise to help you in choosing the perfect gift for your new girlfriend. I’ll even contribute for the same by giving you all the money I earned during Navratras.

Navratras remind me of something more. Do you remember me dragging you along to the neighbours whenever they used to call me? You used to avoid it because only girls were allowed and not the boys. But when Sonali didi came to live in our neighbourhood, you used to drop me there forcefully. I can now understand where it was going. I have been your wingman since ages. You should be lucky that I am in your life. How do you handle these things so well? I haven’t seen you sticking with the same person for more than six months. Don’t you develop feelings for the person? Six months is a huge time for someone to know a person well. You get to know almost everything about them, starting from their favourite colour to their regular at various cafes. You still manage to have courage to change the person even after being their second half. Are the boys of my generation just like you? They don’t believe in serious love bonding and staying in it forever, as they say. See, you taught me this. I should have never bestowed my trust in him because that’s how boys at my age are. Just like you. Right? They get bored easily.

All men are the same”, rightly said by the majority of women I see and I hear, and I even read about. People think that the set of community with 2 X chromosomes have quirky mood swings, but the fact is, it is all initiated by the Y which came along with an X. Glad you taught me this. Unfortunately, I was the one who couldn’t use my brain when I had to. You should have engraved this in my mind in block letters. You know how dumb I am, at times. So, rather than giving me clues, why didn’t you explained everything to me clearly? Why?

Why aren’t you here? I hope you are no more a fictional character and come into life someday. I hope I hug you and cry on your shoulders. I wish you were here. I wish you existed.

Miss you.

With love,



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