Letter #3

Dear Bru-ther,

I know you are very busy, you must be having a lot of work and responsibilities on your shoulders. I hope you have time to read my letters. As I mentioned in the last letter “All men are the same”, I felt that it is not so. I got a cluster of guys who I can call my best friends. We hang-out together all the time, in school and after school as well. We go out and check new food joints, watch latest flicks and even shop together. They even punched a guy who was troubling me. That’s what friends do. Yeah! I kind of really like them.

You must be thinking what about my ex-best friend, Rhea. Well there is something I learnt recently, “Two girls can never be best friends”. Yeah, right! Two chicks can never get close and stay that way for a very long time. They can at best be half or three-quarter best friends. Girls have this “jealousy” inbuilt into female psyche. A girl can instantly judge because women are more connected to their emotional side. Where judgement persists, ego clashes and ends up with brutal cat fights. You know I am a very keen observer and researcher of human emotions (due to him). So while reading about girl best friends, I found this on Quora, “A woman can be counted upon to (subconsciously) compete and be envious even in her heart of hearts”. I wish it was you and not any website teaching me stuff. You are a boy. You will never understand this, right? But, think about me. There was just one person in my life I trusted the most apart from fam. Not any lousy guy who encourages me to be a part of various activities I wish I avoided, but it was a simple girl this time. Funny thing, even she cheated on me. Maybe I deserve this. I deserve to be betrayed. Even you have been betraying me since my first letter to you. You don’t even reply to any of them. You are still so away from me in your own world. Why don’t you become real? Why?

Why aren’t you here? I hope you are no more a fictional character and come into life someday. I hope I hug you and cry on your shoulders. I wish you are here. I wish you existed.

Miss you.

With love,

Letter #2                                                     Letter #4


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