My Dear Coffee

It is seven o’clock in the morning. Sleeping at 10 last night in my cosy and very comfortable blanket with my eye mask on to stay away from my roommates neon light game; invented only in order to disturb me. The one thing common in each and every girls’ hostel is the pile of complexity generated from the jealousy factor.

The Hostel Self Coffee; the blank mixture of Bru Gold and sugar (not espresso) with hot milk

The only support that can help me exist in this sorority is a mug of coffee as soon as my eyes find the light. Unfortunately, the hostel mess provides us with hot and cold milk along with tea, only. I don’t know why the tea? We all are eighteen-nineteen and not thirty-forty and more who would prefer a cup of tea with a pack biscuits to discuss the latest drama (or maybe, many over here actually are).

For my beloved who I miss every morning and before going to bed,

Dear Coffee,

I miss flirting with you. Kissing you with a deep breath and then, waiting for you to love me back. You are the one who opens my eyes wide and bright. You are like a smile prepared from tiny coffee beans; each bean special, and filled with love.

Initially, you are a proud gentleman I want to bring near my heart, near my lips. You leave me with a burnt tongue if I stop caressing you. You expect only pure love, no lust. You give my numb hands warmth to make them lively if I hold you tight in my palms. Your high temperature pulls me close to you and the closer I try to come to you, you make it more difficult for me to sip you again. You are a tough guy. You are not easily approachable. I have seen you in every shade, every flavour. Mocha to Latte to Expresso, to even added cream. Expressions on your top layer scream for a frame to portray its feelings. Black to dark brown to even the lightest tone of beige, every cup of you smells like a song, rhyming in a synchronisation.

I prefer you with at least two cubes; sweet and coffee at the same time. You are a symphony I want throughout the year, every day, hot or even cold. You go along with everything, ice cubes to vapours of fragrance. You are a magic, darling.

Come closer to me, be my reason to wake up every morning. I’ll be waiting for you, always.

Admiring lover.

The late night Cappuccino

I don’t know when I will find my perfect cup of coffee, I will miss it each and every day and night, each and every sip of you.


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